Fri. Aug 23rd, 2019

Covered in GORE

1 min read

Today I sat down and revisited a newer demo from a band I’ve been extremely excited about. A lot of new music slips through the proverbial cracks, but not this newer d-beat/grind/gorecore/whatever dumb sub genre you want to call them, from COVERED IN SORES. While the demo was released in late September 2018, its been on a constant rotation upon hearing it.

Hailing for FILTHADELPHIA, their riffs are as gross as you’d imagine from their name. MILITARISTIC CANNIBALISM is 6 songs; fast and to the point, in the vein of fellow gore and grind alumni Exhumed and Birdflesh. The album features the insane cover art of Coffin Dust maniac Matt Slime. You can catch them grinding along the east coast. If you see their name on a flyer, get the hell out there and circle pit to Sewn Into A Corpse for me.


Covered In Sores is currently working on their next demo – due in July 2019.

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