Fri. Aug 23rd, 2019

Fuming Mouth – The Great Descent

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The highly-anticipated album from Fuming Mouth is upon us, and right out of the gate this album absolutely rips with opening track Fatalism. Some of us, myself included, played this to excess while waiting on the rest of this release. It appropriately sets the tone for this album with an aggressive as all hell sound that make you want to find the nearest blunt object and beat yourself in the head with it. Ranger Baez of Bowel Erosion shared his thoughts, stating that it is “the definitive death metal album of 2019”.

Mammoth riffs, pounding drums, big caveman energy here. Digging a little deeper you’ll find some more ambient tracks proving they’re not all brute force. Distant Voice & The Grand Decent provide balance and then transition us back into more of what we came for.

Standout tracks: Visions of Purgatory & Burning Hand

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Catch Boston-based Fuming Mouth out on tour this summer with Creeping Death.

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