Fri. Aug 23rd, 2019

Necrofest 2019

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This September get ready to experience a shitshow of epic proportions. The inaugural Necrofest is to be held in Brooklyn 9/20 & 9/21.

Prepare your body for two days of extreme music spanning from punk & metal to hip hop. Headline acts include PLF, Horrendous, and Cannabis Corpse. A couple dozen other bands from all over North America will grace the stages of Saint Vitus Bar & Brooklyn Bazaar throughout the 2 day bender.

As if that isn’t enough, there’s also a whole lotta ass whoopin’ happening, too. Specifically during the no-ring death match that closes our day 1 the event on 9/20 at Lucky 13 Saloon. Get there at 12:30am to watch Cassanova Valentine and Jay Shlak beat the (possibly literal) shit out of each other in this anything-goes disaster waiting to happen.

Tickets available here:

Day 1 tickets

Day 2 tickets

Make sure to get yours ASAP because this fest looks absolutely insane. You don’t want to be the poor schmuck that didn’t get their ticket in time and missed out on one of the craziest fests of 2019. Health insurance & a current tetanus booster also may be a good idea for this event but are not a requirement.

Necrofest, Day 1: PLF, Fistula, Noisem, Black Dave, Heinous, EU1OGY, Blame God, Powda Clique, Overdose, Unmen, Loko Disparos Bent Weave at Brooklyn Bazaar.

Day 1 event page

Necrofest, Day 2: Horrendous, Taphos, Outer Heaven, Ruinous, Kick Ass Violence, Ascendency, Hallucination Realized, Syndromes, Oxalate, Coagula, Subtype Zero, Vasoconstriction

Day 2 event page

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